Avril talks about her work with the Avril...

Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 6:25 PM by User

by Steve Baltin


"We had a chance to talk last year at Nancy Davis' Race to Erase MS about your clothing line and all the different things you do. How do all the different entities merge for you? How do your side projects influence your music?

I've had an incredible opportunity to have a clothing line and that's called Abbey Dawn. I have two fragrances, Black Star and Forbidden Rose, and the newest thing, which is very important to me, is starting the Avril Lavigne Foundation, and a little bit of acting and, of course, music. To be able to grow and expand and touch on other areas is part of who I am tremendously. I am very involved. It is a reflection of me, it all goes hand-in-hand because it is mine and I'm designing or creating fragrances and it all ties in with my music.

How is the Avril Lavigne Foundation going?

It's very exciting for me because through my career I've had the opportunity to work with really great foundations like Make-A-Wish and contributing to different compilation albums. For me, it felt really good and it was part of my responsibility to give back if you can in any way. I started the Avril Lavigne Foundation and my focus is on sick and disabled children and youth. I'm developing that now and getting it on its feet and I'm very excited. I'm very excited to announce that shortly."


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