Congratulations to my friends at Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) on the incredible success of their NY Gala on October 11. I’m honoured to share with you that I’ve accepted an invitation from Global Lyme Alliance to join their Board of Directors. To solve a pandemic like Lyme disease, it will take innovative research, global awareness and strong, committed partnerships, like the one we’ve recently created between The Avril Lavigne Foundation and GLA, focused on prevention, treatment and RESEARCH. No single doctor, researcher, organization or foundation will achieve the goal of eradicating Lyme Disease off the face of this earth alone. It will take the energy, passion, innovation and intelligence of many. Right now, leaving Lyme behind seems almost impossible. No matter how much we want to. No matter how strong we are. No matter how much faith we have. No matter the inconceivable depths of our individual resilience. But TOGETHER, we will change that impossibility. Because COLLECTIVELY, we are unbreakable. And UNITED, we WILL TRANSFORM LIVES, and beat this disease!!! I am 100% committed to working alongside my fellow Board Members to shape the strategy, and roadmap toward a cure. They are a passionate and driven group of business professionals, some of whom are Lyme sufferers themselves, and ALL of whom are parents, spouses and caregivers of Lyme patients. We have a common purpose.  I’m also looking forward to working with GLA’s staff & volunteers, to raise funds for research to support patient treatment and access to care, as well as to continue to do all we can to help raise awareness – both domestically & internationally - as an official member of Team GLA. TOGETHER we will end the injustice endured by so many.  Thank you.