Thanks For Your Support

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit but I’m back with exciting news!  Thanks to YOUR generosity, over the past three years, we’ve been able to raise over $150,000 to support children & young adults with their treatment of Lyme Disease.  We absolutely LOVE our partnership with Lymelight Foundation because they are able to directly help people get the medication and treatments that they so desperately need, and which often times are unaffordable. But because of YOU, many, many more families are now getting the proper assistance to deal with chronic Lyme. This year, we gave away a bunch of swag, and autographed stuff during the campaign and I got to FB Live with many of you, which was so much fun! I was super excited to speak with our grand prize winners:  Nick from Georgia and Mikey from Ohio!! Congratulations to everyone who won prizes!

I’ve been busy in the studio working on my new record and can’t wait to share it with you, but just wanted to send you huge thanks for supporting this campaign, which obviously is close to my heart.  You can learn more about an awesome drummer named Ashley, and more of the kids & youth that you are helping by visiting

Make sure to follow @LymeLightFndn on Twitter and  @LymeLightFoundation on FB to keep updated on all the incredible things that LymeLight is doing to help families in need.  And thanks again for your support! So many more good things coming in 2018..can’t wait to see you soon! Xoxo Avril