Thank you for your generous donation to The Avril Lavigne Foundation.

We support individuals with Lyme disease, serious illnesses and disabilities. Through programs and grants, we provide funding, education and encouragement for our beneficiaries to follow their dreams, no matter what their circumstances.

Your donation allows The Avril Lavigne Foundation to continue providing Lyme PREVENTION resources, funding TREATMENT for individuals who couldn’t otherwise afford it, accelerating scientific RESEARCH, and transforming lives (by providing HOPE for individuals affected by Lyme).

Our vision is to lead and inspire a community including fans, friends, families, advocates and partners who can come together to provide unity and support for those in need, and we couldn’t do this all without YOUR HELP.

We appreciate your kindness and generosity & thank you for joining our fight against Lyme disease. If you require a tax receipt for your donation, please let us know and we will provide one for your records. Please note that only donations over $25.00 USD qualify for an official receipt.


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